No added yeast
No added salt
No added sugar
No added oil
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Organic Essene
Rye Bread

                     Simple, nutritious, organic.

Inspired by the ancient Essene people our sprouted grain bread is made from simple, pure natural ingredients. 

The rich, moist flavor of Rye Essene Bread derives from the sprouting process, which converts starch into maltose and other ingredients readily assimilated by the body.

Essene bread predates the invention of the flour mill: instead of flour it is made with sprouted whole grains. Nothing is added except water.

Our bread has no yeast, salt, sugar, or oil making it ideal for those with allergies or special dietary requirement.  Many diabetics choose to eat our bread.

Our bread is hand shaped and then baked slowly at a low temperature to maximise the nutrition and develop its unique flavor.

We choose to support New Zealand biogro certified organic grain farmers so you can be assured your Essene Rye bread is made from certified organic rye grains grown in the South Island.

We are blessed to have pure natural spring water on the property where your bread is made, which naturally vitalizes and enriches the goodness of the bread.


Rye Cob Loaf - 650 grams

The traditional Cob loaf is a wonderful way to share food.

The age old tradition of 'Breaking Bread' together 

is what this is all about.

Nutritious, and warming for the soul.

Rye Slice pack - 600 grams

The slice pack is a new way to bring Essene bread into your life.    It is easy to toast, or slice in half to add your

favorite toppings.


It takes 3 days to prepare for a bake.

Monday is bake day !

Orders made on a Monday or Tuesday will not be ready until the following week.

Orders made Wed to Friday will be ready by the Monday following



Our bread has no preservative in it so needs to be

kept in the fridge.  It will keep for weeks and stays moist if kept in an airtight wrapping.  If you are buying in bulk it freezes well.