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No added yeast
No added salt
No added sugar
No added oil
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Organic Essene
Rye Bread

                     Simple, nutritious, organic.

Inspired by the ancient Essene people sprouted grain bread is made from simple, pure natural ingredients. 

The rich, moist flavor of Wheat Essene Bread derives from the sprouting process, which converts starch into maltose and other ingredients readily assimilated by the body.

Essene bread predates the invention of the flour mill: instead of flour it is made with sprouted whole grains. Nothing is added except water.

This bread has no yeast, salt, sugar, or oil making it ideal for those with allergies or special dietary requirement.  Many diabetics choose to eat our bread.

The bread is hand shaped and then baked slowly at a low temperature to maximize the nutrition and develop its unique flavor.

We choose to support New Zealand Biogro certified organic grain farmers so you can be assured your Essene bread is made from certified organic grains grown in the South Island should you choose to purchase your grain from us to make your bread.

We were blessed to have pure natural spring water on the property where your bread was made, which naturally vitalizes and enriches the goodness of the bread.  We then 'energised' the water with one of our Natures Design water caraf's.  This is something anyone can do as we have become a re-seller of these amazing water caraf's.  Visit our online sister store - link at the bottom of the page.



Learn how to make quality Essene Bread for yourself

We have had to close our bakery due to supply chain shortages of the precious purple wheat we love to make bread with. 

We believe it is truly a gift to humanity to know how to make this most amazing, healthy, nutritious bread so we have made a tutorial with printed notes and video clips to show you how you can make this bread successfully for yourself at home.

We cannot source the magical Purple wheat however we can still source the Spelt which also makes beautiful Essene Bread, and we can still source the Rye grain.

This means in one shop you can purchase the organic grain you need and for a one off nominal fee our full working knowledge of how to make really good bread.  We will also be available for answering questions as you make it for yourself.

When we first started making bread it took us about six months to get it right on a regular basis, it is not a science, it is actually more like an art form.  You have to feel and work with the living food and we are more than happy to help people learn this.  We would hate to see the knowledge about this bread be lost in the history books and not made available for future generations.

A loaf of bread would sustain a family for a day


It is dense, and nutrient rich

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