Essene Breads
No added yeast
No added salt
No added sugar
No added oil

Simple nutritious organic ingredients


Essene bread is pure simplicity

You sprout the grain 

Mash it and add water

Bake it.

It is that simple

It has been made since ancient times – some say 6000 years – and yet it has many advantages for our modern times.


Many people who have allergies to wheat, yeast, and dairy find they are able to eat and enjoy Essene Bread.

The process of sprouting the grain rather than milling the grain into flour changes the enzyme structure. It becomes a 'living' food, not a dead food.

The enzymes aid your body in the digestive process.


Sprouting is a simple process but it has a huge effect on the grain. It makes indigestible grain easily digestible, flavoursome, alive and delicious.


The history of the Essene Community came to light with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls 40+ years ago.

The full scroll of how to make your daily bread was part of this archaeological find.  The full text is in our page on the history.

Blood types

Readers of The Eat Right Diet by Dr. Peter D'Adamo will be aware that Essene bread is recommended for all blood types.


We now bake seven varieties:

Eat Right Diet book

After more than 30 years of making Essene bread in New Zealand the Thomson family have decided it is time to pass this on to someone else.

Rory & LeeAnn Hamilton from Health Support Naturally are now carrying on this ancient tradition and have started the Essene Bakery on their rural property in the small town of Kaiwaka.

If you are wishing to place an order, or find a retail outlet please visit our sister site...

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